Do You Know What Doing the Daily Four Means?

Our team in , , along with Dr. want to wish you and your family a healthy Halloween. To help you do this, today we are sharing some tips from the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. We encourage our patients to find a balance between celebrating the holiday festivities by practicing the National Dental Hygiene Month’s… Read more »

The Steps to Expect During Dental Bridge Treatment

A dental bridge in , , is a great product that can help you replace your missing teeth. In fact, it is so great that it can provide long-term results without the need for surgery. If you’re interested in improving your smile and oral health with a dental bridge but you would like to know… Read more »

Ways to Cure Halitosis

Halitosis, or what is more commonly known as bad breath, can put a real damper on your confidence and professional presence. Here’s how you can prevent it. Poor Hygiene Irregular oral hygiene is one of the main causes of bad breath in our society. It allows bacteria to build up in your mouth and produce… Read more »

There are Several Different Treatment Options to Take Care of a Missing Filling

A basic dental filling in , , is intended to repair a small to medium-sized cavity for a long time. However, fillings rarely last forever, and larger, older fillings are even more likely to fall out of place. Sometimes you might even be able to notice a filling that is about to go bad. Common… Read more »

Treatment and Restoration Options for a Broken Tooth

The enamel layer on your teeth has been designed through the process of evolution to be an incredibly hard and durable substance. This serves you well for biting off, chewing and grinding tough foods. There are extreme situations where a hard fall, or blow to the face can exceed the integrity of the enamel layer… Read more »

Our Dental Cleanings and Exams Can Brighten Your Smile for Summer!

If you are like many people, summer brings you lots of social activities, whether it be time to enjoy the outdoors, traveling, picnics and barbecues with family and friends, or concerts in the parks. Whatever the occasion, you will want your summer smile to be its brightest! At Sandpiper Dental in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Dr. Trebisovsky… Read more »

First Aid Tips for Taking Care of a Cracked Tooth

The enamel layer on each of your teeth is made from microscopic mineral crystals that provide your teeth with the strength and durability to handle biting and chewing food. At the same time, it’s still not unheard-of for a hard fall, a blow to the face, or a sports injury to crack a tooth. This… Read more »

Block Cavities with Dental Sealants

When children receive their adult molars, Dr. recommends dental sealants in , , to prevent cavities. Dental sealants are effective for adults, too, especially for individuals who are prone to tooth decay. Dental sealant is typically applied to the chewing surface of the molars, which are the most difficult teeth to clean properly, and the… Read more »

The Steps Involved in Using a Water Flosser

If you’re interested in knowing how to use a water flosser in , , our team is more than happy to help you! Water flossers aren’t as complicated as they seem. In fact, they are quite easy to use. All you need to do is follow the provided steps: – Step 1: Fill the flosser’s… Read more »

What to Expect When You Restore Your Smile With a Dental Implant

Our team wants you to have the best dental experience possible, and we believe that is achievable if you know what to expect during your dental appointment with Dr. . So, to help you prepare for your dental implant treatment, our team is happy to explain the three phases involved so you can feel comfortable… Read more »