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Thanksgiving is here and diets for many have gone out the window. With all the delicious sweets and treats on our tables this Thanksgiving, it’s easy to let your nutrition slide and your cavities increase. That is why it’s extremely vital to remember your daily oral habits and nutrition as you go through this holiday season.

Oral care is often overlooked as the busy holidays approach. Did you know foods that lack certain nutrients make it harder for your gum tissue in your mouth to resist infections and gum disease? That is why it’s essential to eat well and keep great oral habits. Healthy foods are not only good for your teeth; they are also good for the gum line and your overall health.

When you eat, the nutrients in your food are first broken down by your teeth as you chew and absorb the substances. According to the American Dental Association, if your nutrition is poor, the first signs of a poor diet show up in your oral cavity before they appear in other parts of your body.

By having the healthy habits of brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting your dentist every six months, you can give yourself positive oral health. Don’t postpone your dental treatment anymore, come in and talk to your dentist today. Let us give you a healthy smile you can truly be thankful for Thanksgiving season.

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