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Are you familiar with common tooth hazard risks in your life that could be putting your smile in harm’s way? Did you know that products in your diet or the way you use your mouth in conjunction with eating can leave you susceptible to further damage? Common tooth hazard risks associated with your diet and life are as follows:

Common Risks in Your Diet
  • gummy candy
  • soda
  • sports drinks
  • fruit juice
  • potato chips
  • bread and cereal
Common Risks in Your Life
  • constantly snacking throughout the day
  • opening products with your teeth
  • chewing or smoking tobacco
  • drugs
  • poor oral hygiene care,
  • a lack of dental visits
  • genetic predispositions to oral health risks such as gum disease or sleep apnea

A failure to properly care for your teeth and gums and avoid products that can damage your smile can increase your risk for several health problems that can follow you for decades. Only by assessing all aspects of your life and setting forth the necessary care, can you make sure that your teeth will be well-maintained and cared for as you continue on.

For additional help with any issues associated with dental damage, tooth hazards or oral health risks, visit our office. If you would like to have a comprehensive exam for improvements to your oral health from our team at Sandpiper Dental, you are welcome to schedule an appointment by calling 763-561-7000. Dr. David Trebisovsky and our office is conveniently located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.