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March is here and spring is on the way, making many of us feel like hitting the reset button after the heavier days of winter. If you are feeling the spring cleaning bug, don’t forget to spring clean refresh your oral habits for a brighter, healthier smile!

Dental Exam

Spring is the perfect time to have your teeth and gums professionally cleaned to remove plaque and tartar with thorough scaling and polishing. Tartar is nearly impossible to clear with just brushing and flossing alone. Tartar (hardened plaque) removal requires special dental tools. Dental exams also involve checking for cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and any other dental health issues which benefit from early treatment. A professional dental exam will both diagnose, prevent, and treat oral health issues.

Dental Floss

The Center for Disease Control reports that nearly 65 million Americans have gum disease. To prevent plaque and tartar buildup–that hard mineral deposit leading to swollen and inflamed gums, and the earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis, don’t neglect your flossing habit! Flossing any time of day helps, but nighttime flossing removes harmful bacteria that can damage your teeth and gums while you sleep. Your mouth produces less saliva when you are asleep which would naturally clean teeth and gums during the daytime. This is why you wake up with morning breath. Spring is the perfect time to renew your commitment to a regular flossing routine, and if you are going to do it once a day, consider flossing at bedtime.

Toothbrush Replacement

Spring is also an excellent time to throw out your old toothbrush, and maybe even try switching to an electric version. Electric toothbrushes generate more than 30,000 strokes each minute while cleaning your teeth, while a manual toothbrush averages 100 strokes each minute (hand-powered by you).  Electric toothbrushes also push fluid between the teeth and around the gum line, making them more effective at removing surface plaque. But whichever kind of toothbrush you use, you will want to prevent gum inflammation, gingivitis and periodontal disease along with tooth decay, so be sure to replace those worn-out bristles.

Our dental team will thoroughly clean your teeth of unwanted dental junk, just like you do when you are spring cleaning. If you are ready to spring clean your smile, give our Sandpiper Dental team in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota a call at 763-561-7000 and let us help you freshen your smile!