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Do you wish there was a way to change your child’s mind about brushing teeth? Well, there is! Here are five things you can try to give your child a fun and enjoyable experience while brushing:

1. Create a bubble machine: Convince your child that they are a bubble machine. The more they brush with the toothpaste, the more bubbles they will make! To make things even more fun, see how many bubbles your child can make in a two minute time period.

2. Hum a tune: Find a two minute tune your child knows and loves. While your child is brushing, have them hum the song and dance along. Better yet, join them! You two can be a two-person band that rocks out in the bathroom together every morning and every night!

3. Make it a family activity: Make brushing a family activity. Get everyone into the bathroom and have everyone begin by brushing their own teeth. Then, after 30 seconds or so, switch and brush each other’s teeth! Keep rotating until the two minutes are up.

4. Play music: While your child brushes, play a two minute song that they enjoy. Then, encourage your child to dance and sing while they brush. In fact, feel free to join them and make it a tooth-brushing party!

5. Use an hourglass: Many kids are fascinated by hourglass timers. If you time your child’s brushing with an hourglass, they will enjoy watching the sand drop from the top of the glass to the bottom while they scrub their smile.

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