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Are you familiar with the benefits that a dental bridge can provide? A dental bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, is a tooth restoration designed to replace any missing or lost teeth with a prosthetic enhancement that can be anchored directly to nearby or neighboring teeth. Through the use of a dental bridge, you can fill out your smile to ensure it functions as intended.

In instances where you have a lost or missing tooth, a dental bridge can only provide a much more especially pleasing smile and complete your dental profile once more. It can even provide numerous other benefits to your health. Bite stability is often hindered when missing teeth occur because the force distribution between your teeth is disrupted. Through the use of a dental bridge, bite stability can be restored. Dental braces are often used as well to restore hindrances associated with speech, chewing and eating skills that are known to arise with lost teeth. In the event you need a prosthetic anchored permanently to your teeth to ensure you can continue to eat food that you love.

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