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If you are plagued by missing teeth and need to safely and effectively replace your smile, Dr. David Trebisovsky and our wonderful team are happy to assist you! If you have determined that dental implants or dentures are not the ideal treatment for your, we invite you to learn more about how a dental bridge can restore lacking dental function.

A dental bridge offers tooth replacement by providing a dental appliance that is held in your smile by attaching to the natural teeth on either side of the gap in your mouth. Dental bridges are designed to offer greater comfort and peace of mind by providing functions that tooth loss can remove.

One of the reasons why a dental bridge improves your smile and overall appearance is because tooth loss enables your jaw line to sag and look sunken in, causing you to look older. By placing a dental bridge, we can take years off your appearance.

While you may struggle to eat with missing teeth, especially if you are trying to chew hard and tough food, placing a dental bridge in your tooth gaps can improve your food restrictions you and improve the comfort and efficacy of chewing your food.

You may also notice that dental bridges can enhance speech abilities and even correct misalignment issues and prevent further tooth damage. This is because dental bridges prevent drifting teeth and other tooth alignment risks.

Contact our team at 763-561-7000 today to see our doctor at Sandpiper Dental and learn whether you should be fitted for a dental bridge in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota!