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Endodontics in Brooklyn Park, MN

At Sandpiper Dental, we are dedicated to providing all of the treatments you need for a smile that is healthy and free from pain. We offer endodontics to restore your oral health if a tooth becomes seriously damaged or infected.

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Root Canal Therapy

The most common type of endodontic treatment is root canal therapy. This treatment may be needed if the dental pulp, which includes the inner tissues, blood vessels, and nerves of the tooth, becomes diseased and infected. During this treatment, our dentists remove the damaged tissues and restructure the root canal system. Once the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, we fill the tooth with a medicated material. Finally, Dr. Dave will place a final restoration, like a crown, on the tooth. Our skilled dentists can typically complete this treatment in only one or two visits to our comfortable office.

Restore Your Oral Health at Sandpiper Dental

Root canal therapy is a great treatment choice that can help to restore the health of the infected tooth, prevent the infection from spreading to other healthy parts of your smile, and avoid the need for tooth extraction. If you’ve been noticing soreness, pain, or anything else making your teeth and mouth uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 763-561-7000 at your earliest convenience!