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Everyone’s been thirsty or had a dry mouth before. As you already know, this isn’t typically a serious issue, but would you be surprised to hear that having a dry mouth regularly can lead to a number of problems? Dry mouth is actually a condition you could be suffering from if your mouth doesn’t produce as much saliva as it should.

While this issue may not seem too serious, did you know that saliva actually plays a role in keeping your mouth clean? Saliva can actually carry plaque and bacteria away from your teeth and strengthen the outer layer of your pearly whites.

Sadly, dry mouth can actually be caused by several issues, including medications, nerve damage, diseases, and other treatments like chemotherapy. There are also several factors you should be aware of, such as a dry tongue, sores that appear in your mouth, and even a sticky feeling. Your dentist might be able to recommend personalized treatments to help you cope with these problems, including medications and fake saliva. We also recommend contacting our team if you’re interested in dealing with your dry mouth. This is important because dry mouth can cause gum disease and tooth decay.

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