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If you want your smile to shine, a little tooth restoration may be required. In many cases, brushing and flossing alone will keep your teeth clean and healthy, but cannot remove deep stains, discoloration, or fix cracks and chips in your smile. Rock star smiles are often created with dental veneers and crowns.

With a dental crown, you can have a broken or damaged tooth restored to the point that the it looks better than ever. This is because a dental crown will cover and protect a tooth on all sides for a durable hold that is capable of lasting decades. Not only will dental crowns make your teeth look better, but they can protect damaged teeth from further harm; and restore the full functionality of the tooth back, even if the tooth has been broken into bits.

Dental veneers are not quite as effective for shielding and preventing damage, but they can work wonders for the appearance of a tooth. Veneers only require a shell to be placed on the fronts of teeth so that the look can be adjusted easily, safely, and effectively. With dental veneers, damage can be hidden away for a much better-looking smile. However, the tooth will still be exposed to the elements so it must be cleaned and cared for as usual.

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