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We all know that cavity prevention is one of the biggest reasons we visit the dentist, brush our teeth, and floss, all on a regular basis. If you skip out on any of these for extended periods of time, you’ll likely end up with a cavity or two to show for it.

To help reinforce the importance of cavity prevention, let’s go back to the basics of oral health to help you more effectively say “no” to cavities.

Long-term effects

While you may think that it’s simple to go get a cavity filled and fix the problem, it’s not always that cut-and-dried. If you wait too long to get a cavity filled, you’ll end up with a larger cavity that may result in the tooth being extracted. You don’t want to lose your teeth – you want to keep them!

Remember to floss

One of the best ways to say no to cavities is to remember to regularly floss. Brushing your teeth is incredibly important, but it only cleans about 65% of your tooth’s surface. Floss gets the rest of your teeth that can’t be cleaned, removes plaque and debris from hard-to-reach areas of your mouth, and helps promote gum health. It’s almost impossible to have healthy teeth without healthy gums, and flossing plays a large role in ensuring the health of both.

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