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The enamel layer on your teeth has been designed through the process of evolution to be an incredibly hard and durable substance. This serves you well for biting off, chewing and grinding tough foods. There are extreme situations where a hard fall, or blow to the face can exceed the integrity of the enamel layer breaking or damaging the tooth and posing a threat to the internal structures of the tooth.

If after the pain of initial trauma has passed, you still feel a sharp pain, or you experience severe sensitivity issues, it likely means the damage extends into the sensitive interior or the tooth. This often requires Dr. David Trebisovsky to perform a root canal to restore enough structure to later mount a crown. In some cases, the damage is so severe that the entire tooth needs to be extracted.

Even if you don’t experience any pain, the broken tooth could invite serious tooth decay problems. If you’re lucky enough that the damage is limited to the enamel layer, it might be possible to repair it with a common filling or restore it with a crown.

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